Hive started life in January 2009 with a passion for brand development in all its forms and a love for uplifting spaces that make you feel good. Based in a leafy part  of London, we design branded environments and create visual communication for places where you work, shop, eat, drink and play.

    All of our creative work stems from strong ideas and is underpinned by a solid process. Making ideas happen is something we feel strongly about; seeing an exciting concept through to completion is what makes us leap out of bed every morning. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your ideas realised; goose bumps every time.

    So whether you are starting to building a brand, a retailer wanting to expand, simply want to inject a new lease of life into your customers’ day – we can provide  fresh thinking, unleash your full potential and turn your dreams into reality.

    Together we can make a difference to your brand. We don’t want you to blend in – we want you to turn heads.